Splitting sites again? Welcome to Dmitry's Garage!

I've decided it's time to split my personal blog, dovidenko.com into two sites. I plan to keep tech and general life blogging to my personal blog while using the new site dmitrysgarage.com for all automotive posts. It's going to take me a little time to build everything out, but I'm very excited to separate out the functions and themes of the sites. This should not impact my youtube channel other than changing some links soon :-)!

I’m starting to extract car and garage related content from my personal site, dovidenko.com. This should result in the split between sites that I’ve envisioned. It will also jump start content for this new site. It’s going to take me some time to move everything over as it’s quite a task. I will have to gather all the images, tables, etc… and ensure everything formats correctly.

I’m also updating the template layout for this site. It’s a work in progress and my goal is to have a fairly functional page. It should navigate well, but also be media rich in the right areas.

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