Garage Timeline

Taking TIG welding classes!

I’ve wanted to learn TIG welding for a long time. I’ve never had the space to do it. However, the new house I got has 230V right in the garage and more space than I can currently use. TXRX Labs ( offers an excellent two day class that shows you the very basics of setting up your power supply for TIG tacking and welding. It’s about 6 hours in total. Not enough time to learn TIG but enough to make a few welds and learn enough to practice on your own.

 - 07/17/2017

New House & New Garage!

After a few months of house shopping I found and closed on the perfect location for Dmitry's Garage. The house is in Cypress, TX and about 10-15 minutes farther from work. However, the large garage is amazing and will be the perfect home for all my car projects. The goal will be to convert this garage into my dream workshop with a lift, air conditioning and proper lighting.

 - 07/12/2017

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