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Dream Garage Tour

So maybe this is a bit of an opportunity to show off, but when I built my garage I had a very specific set of ideas in mind. I'd like to share with you where the garage is two years after I closed on the house. I'm going to feature my BendPak GrandPrix lift, Saber Cabinet, Mr Cool DIY mini split, and my Milwaukee toolbox! I'm sure many of my followers have seen all these things on their own, but here is a chance to get a comprehensive tour of the whole thing.

 - 04/20/2020

2019 Denali Ultimate CQuartz UK 3.0

I purchased a brand new 2019 GMC Denali Ultimate and it's time to paint correct it and put on some ceramic protection! I also used CarPro Iron X to decontaminate it and topped the whole thing off with CarPro Reload. I'm loving the new truck so far and it's a huge upgrade form the F250 that had constant issues. The 6.0 did turn out to be a "power joke", lets hope the Denali proves to be a stable beast!


L&R SweepZone Ultrasonic Cleaner

Today we're going to use my L&R SweepZone 310 non-heated table top ultrasonic cleaner. You can see how incredibly powerful the ultrasonic cavitation cleaning action is. I was able to use the cleaner with some simple green HD to make an old RC car engine look brand new. It just took 60 minutes in the bath.

 - 03/27/2019

Ranger Car Dollies Review RCD-1500EX

Today I review and show you how to use Ranger RCD-1500EX Extended Car Dollies. BendPak, the parent company of Ranger, was kind enough to hook me up with a set of these dollies. I've wanted dollies for a while and I'm very excited to finally have them.

 - 02/10/2019

Don't buy a DSLR for YouTube!

Is a DSLR right for your new YouTube channel? What camera should you get? There is so much to choose from! Today I'm going to break down five common camera solutions and what I've learned about videography so far.

 - 01/03/2019

Precision Instruments vs Capri Tools

We test a USA made Precision Instruments 1/4" Drive Wrench against a Taiwanese made Capri Tools 1/4" Drive Wrench in a new segment called Five Minute Tool Reviews or FMTR for short. My goal is to finish a review and test run of the tools within a five minute window, not counting the intro or outro. This week I make a total hash of it and ramble on way too long!

 - 09/16/2018

Smelly Fuel Hose, New Tires & Parking Lines

Having finished installing the Fore Innovations Fuel System I found that I had a really strong gasoline smell from the Eaton Startlite hose that I was recommended. I ended up replacing those for a very similar hose, which no longer smelled. I also show you some new wheels, sticky tires and we paint some parking lines for my lift!

New tires and wheels!

Project: Dream Garage Part 4 & 5

This is likely to be a wrap for Project: Dream Garage series of posts for a while. I will definitely make more minor and major upgrades to my garage such as flooring and various tools. Until then be on the lookout for more car and welding related projects!

BendPak GrandPrix GP-7LCS
 - 12/25/2017

Saber Cabinets & 12V Fuel Transfer Pump

I'm so excited to get my Saber Cabinets which I ordered from the Obsessed Garage store. I knew I wanted these cabinets ever since I saw them for the first time. They are just a great spot for price, quality and subjectively looks. I also purchased a GasTapper 12V MAX fuel transfer pump. This handy pump makes refueling my Mustang with race gas so easy!

 - 12/02/2017

Project: Dream Garage Part 3

The first phase of my garage build is over. The guys from Tool Time Home Improvement got done with the sheetrock, lighting, AC, etc… Everything came out pretty great with just some minor touch up left. Now I’m working on all the big ticket items and final touches including flooring, 2-post lift, tool chests, cabinets, etc…

Dream Garage Project
 - 11/14/2017

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