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Project: Dream Garage Part 1 & Part 2

Ever since I bought the house I’ve wanted to remodel my garage. I didn’t like the back storage rooms the prior owner put in, they took away a lot from the floor space. I also hated the paint job, lighting and generally poor way in which the space was finished. There wasn’t sheet rock over most of the ceiling and no insulation!

Project Dream Garage Part 1 & 2
 - 11/03/2017

Temporary Portable AC For My Garage & More TIG Practice

I got some portable air conditioners installed in the garage as a temporary cooling solution. They are LG 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner units. I bought three of them, together they’re supposed to provide 3.5 tons of cooling, 12,000 BTUs is a ton so 42,000 BTUs makes 3.5 tons. I think I will ultimately get mini splits installed, but for now this will do. I also practiced TIG welding 1/16″ mild steel tubing. This stuff is so thin and easy to blow a hole in!

Dave thinks he's funny.
 - 08/10/2017

Second attempt at TIG welding at home.

I used my AHP AlphaTIG 200X again today to make a 75mmx75mmx75mm mild steel cube. It’s a fun project that lets you practice making a bunch of tack welds to hold the shape together. Then once it’s a cube I went over each seam with a “proper” weld. I’m not very good yet, but I think this time it was a big improvement over my first test. I hope my next one will be even cleaner. My pedal control and filler rod control are improving for sure. You be the judge, video uploaded below.

 - 07/30/2017

My new AHP AlphaTIG 200X 2017 Welder

Since I started learning TIG welding I decided to get my own setup at home. I have the garage space now so I pulled the trigger on an AHP AlphaTIG 200X from Amazon. It was sold by the AHP company and they shipped it within a week. I took a quick video of the welder that you can see on the YouTube channel.

AHP AlphaTIG 200X 2017 Edition TIG Welder
 - 07/28/2017

Taking TIG welding classes!

I’ve wanted to learn TIG welding for a long time. I’ve never had the space to do it. However, the new house I got has 230V right in the garage and more space than I can currently use. TXRX Labs ( offers an excellent two day class that shows you the very basics of setting up your power supply for TIG tacking and welding. It’s about 6 hours in total. Not enough time to learn TIG but enough to make a few welds and learn enough to practice on your own.

 - 07/17/2017

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