2009 Pontiac G8 GT

2009 Pontiac G8 GT

Retired 2016

I had a poster of a Pontiac G8 on my wall since it came out in 2009. I wanted to buy one, but didn't have the credit or cash to afford it. Then in 2011 I found myself in a better position in my life and career. That Christmas I brought home a used 2009 Pontiac G8 GT 6.0L V8 with around 50K miles.

It was my first big V8 and it was a thrill to drive. The car's seats were very comfortable and it was the most technology I've ever had in a car until then. I took a lot of care with this car. Performing paint corrections, using all the best parts and following a maintenance schedule.

I bought this car with just under 50,000 miles.


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So what happened to this car?

I fell in love with this car as soon as I started driving it. I was as good as I hoped when I first hung it's poster on my wall. I kept this car in the garage as long as I had it and took excellent care of it. It always received synthetic oil and I performed all routine maintenance. I replaced hubs, brakes, bushings, fluids, and anything else that wore out.

It was my daily driver at first, but soon I found myself turning it into a project. It was an amazing car to drive. Fast in a straight line, insane top speed, and perfect handling in the twisties. My suspension mods and excellent chassis made it want to turn. I did some light bolt on mods to improve performance and had the car tuned. The ultimate goal was to use it as a track car.

I ended up taking the car out to the track for a bit, but soon had transmission issues. I went through a rebuild, but unfortunately my problems came back. I didn't want to keep messing with it and was ready to move on to a new chassis I could track. I ended up selling the car after finding my new project.

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