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Jeep Off-Roading - Marble Falls Adventure Park

My friend Sanjin who I shared the last off-road-ish adventure with in the Texas Hill Country invited me out to Marble Falls Adventure Park near Austin, TX to try out his Jeep. He's really gotten into off-roading as a serious hobby, he's a full blown car guy now with a beautiful build. We also met some of his friends along the way. Hidden falls is a great piece of private land that has a myriad of trails and obstacles. I had an opportunity to do some driving myself and get stuck a few times. We wound up causing a little damage to my friend's jeep, but nothing that's going to prevent a future adventure.

 - 09/21/2021

Houston Coffee & Cars (October 2019)

Today I got to see some amazing cars at the October Coffee & Cars here in Houston, TX. The event was dedicated to deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal who was killed in the line of duty last month. The cars really were incredible, but the centerpiece was absolutely the McLaren Senna in the Richard Mille livery. Runner up for me would have been the Ferrari LaFerrari. The Ferrari TheFerrari seems like a dumb name, once translated, but it's an absolute stunner. The Sena really shut things down though! Gorgeous cars!

 - 10/05/2019

Texas Hill Country Special

We take Dmitry's Garage on the road with my friend Sanjin and explore the Texas Hill Country. My buddy brought along his recently purchased Jeep and I took my F250. This wasn't much of an off-roading adventure, but really more a fun time exploring the county roads of Texas. We had a great AirBNB rental on a ranch.

 - 09/03/2018

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