SEMA 2023: Day 1

As a first-time attendee, I was excited as I made my way from the Vegas strip to the SEMA show. Amidst the vibrant showcase of products and demonstrations, I eagerly immersed myself in the vast array of detailing tools, protective coatings, and restoration solutions. Join me as I recount my journey through SEMA 2023, where every turn offered a glimpse into the future of car care.

At the Vonixx booth I met Tiago, representing Vonixx USA, who passionately walked me through their offerings. I was particularly intrigued by their newly launched plastic spray coating, aimed at maintaining the condition of plastics with easy application and long-lasting protection. Their AIO polishing product was also really interesting and I got to try it out for myself in a product demo.

Vonixx V-Plastic Pro -
Vonixx Sinergy Plastic -
Vonixx Blend AIO -

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Detail Guardz offer a game-changing solution for meticulous car enthusiasts and professional detailers alike. These clever devices are designed to trap dirt and debris at the bottom of the wash pail, preventing it from reintroducing onto the vehicle's surface and potentially causing scratches or swirls. By creating a barrier between clean water and contaminants, a safer car wash is made possible.

Dirt Lock Insert & Pump -
Dirt Lock Scrub Wall -
Dirt Lock Pad Washer -

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The Rag Company highlighted their commitment to quality and affordability, aiming to provide durable, premium products that won't break the bank. This ethos is reflected in their new offerings like the dispensable Rip 'N Rag microfiber towels.

Rip N' Rag Microfiber Towels -
Ultra AIR Blaster Plus -
Ultra AIR Engine Blaster -
Ultra AIR Spray Applicator -

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