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Jeep Off-Roading - Marble Falls Adventure Park

My friend Sanjin who I shared the last off-road-ish adventure with in the Texas Hill Country invited me out to Marble Falls Adventure Park near Austin, TX to try out his Jeep. He's really gotten into off-roading as a serious hobby, he's a full blown car guy now with a beautiful build. We also met some of his friends along the way. Hidden falls is a great piece of private land that has a myriad of trails and obstacles. I had an opportunity to do some driving myself and get stuck a few times. We wound up causing a little damage to my friend's jeep, but nothing that's going to prevent a future adventure.

 - 09/21/2021

2019 GMC Sierra Borla ProXS Muffler

The 2019-2022+ GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado 6.2L trucks are nearly silent. This is thanks to dual valves that block up way too much of the exhaust in an effort to muffle the V8 roar. I'm going to fix that with a Borla ProXS 40359 muffler. I'll cut off these ridiculous flapper valves (adaptive valves) and make it sound like a nice V8 again! Who wants a V8 with no rumble? Not me! Any reputable muffler shop should be able to help with this fix if you can't DIY it.


GMC Sierra Scratched Tail Light Fix!

A few weekends ago I scratched up my truck's tail light hauling tree branches. Today I show you how to fix scratches and scuffs on tail lights with minimal effort. A scuffed brake light is a lot easier to restore than foggy headlights due to the robust plastic that isn't scared of UV. With the right tools it's truly one of simplest DIY jobs for a detailing enthusiast!

Dream Garage Tour

So maybe this is a bit of an opportunity to show off, but when I built my garage I had a very specific set of ideas in mind. I'd like to share with you where the garage is two years after I closed on the house. I'm going to feature my BendPak GrandPrix lift, Saber Cabinet, Mr Cool DIY mini split, and my Milwaukee toolbox! I'm sure many of my followers have seen all these things on their own, but here is a chance to get a comprehensive tour of the whole thing.

 - 04/20/2020

2019 GMC Denali Oil Change (6.2L V8)

Today I'll show you how to change out the oil on my daily driven 2019 GMC Sierra Denali Ultimate. This truck has the 6.2L V8 L87 engine. The process should be identical on the Silverado and other same generation trucks with this engine. Of course you should check out your service manual to make sure that is correct. You don't even really need to lift the truck if you can just fit under it.


S14 240SX Changing Brake Pads & Fluid

Today I'm going to change out the brake pads and flush/bleed the fluid in my 1996 Nissan 240SX. This is the super low miles (16K) car that I picked up not too long ago. The brakes were feeling a bit weak and wouldn't even really lock up. I used a Motive power bleeder to help speed up the flush and used some fresh pads.

Houston Coffee & Cars (October 2019)

Today I got to see some amazing cars at the October Coffee & Cars here in Houston, TX. The event was dedicated to deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal who was killed in the line of duty last month. The cars really were incredible, but the centerpiece was absolutely the McLaren Senna in the Richard Mille livery. Runner up for me would have been the Ferrari LaFerrari. The Ferrari TheFerrari seems like a dumb name, once translated, but it's an absolute stunner. The Sena really shut things down though! Gorgeous cars!

 - 10/05/2019

2017-2019 Audi A4 Oil Change (B9)

My 2017 Audi A4 has probably the easiest oil change procedure in the world. It is completely dummy proof and virtually mess free. Anyone can change the oil on their 2017-2019 B9. I used the Mityvac 7201 pump to pull the oil out of this 2.0L TFSI engine.


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