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ShineMate EB210 & EX620 Review

I picked up my 2023 Corvette Stingray a few weeks ago of course I had to ceramic coat. For any great ceramic application a paint correction is a must! I chose Adam's Polishes Graphene Ceramic Coating Advanced for this beautiful car. Fortunately our friends at CARZILLA were kind enough to provide me two polishers for this test. The ShineMate EB210 and EX620 were used to compound and polish the paint to a brilliant shine. In this video I will review the two polishers and the ceramic coating.

034Motorsport Ignition Coils

Today I installed 034 Motorsport red top high output ignition coils and some fresh OEM NGK spark plugs gapped to 0.022". This setup will help support my Stage 3 build with the TTE710 Turbo. The ignition coils are supposed to provide higher output and aesthetics, and fresh plugs gapped down are a good idea for a hybrid turbo build. If your plugs and coils are getting a bit old, this is also a great option for you, but you don't need to gap the plugs down on a stock turbo.

 - 03/26/2023

Upgrade Your C8 1LT Visor

Good news! If you opted for the C8 Corvette 1LT trim, you don't have to miss out on HomeLink. Many like myself chose to stick to the base trim because the value proposition is insane. Nevertheless, the absence of garage door opener controls was frustrating. Luckily, with a mere $200 and a bit of time, you can achieve the ultimate driver's package with your 1LT.

Does PPF block UV? Is PPF self healing?

Paint Protection Film has been very popular with luxury car owners and is increasingly growing in popularity as the technology improves, becomes more affordable, and easier to install. You don't have to own a Lamborghini to get your baby the same kind of clear bra treatment.

 - 03/24/2023

VADpro VAD28 - The best B9 Audi gauge!

The VADpro VAD28 device powered by CANchecked which has arrived in the North American market. This device offers support for up to 64 vehicle sensors that can be displayed in real time. The display is incredibly customizable and can be configured with custom screens, alerting and widgets. There is also an easy to access data logging facility which stores log files on the internal SD card. The data logs can be viewed over the USB plug with a laptop and the included Display Setup Software (DSS).

 - 03/04/2023

034Motorsport EA839 HPFP

Today we'll be installing the 034 Motorsport High Pressure Fuel Pump Piston Upgrade Kit for the 2.9L and 3.0L EA839 engines. I'm going to be installing it in my 2018 B9 S4 as part of my Stage 3 build to support a larger hybrid turbo from The Turbo Engineers. You'll definitely want to stay tuned for the rest of this video series!

 - 02/14/2023

034Motorsport Transmission Mount and Insert

The 034Motorsport Street Density Transmission Mount is a performance upgrade for the factory transmission mount assembly. It replaces the factory mount's soft rubber damping medium with a high durometer rubber, which provides better support at higher power levels. This mount is a direct, drop-in replacement that limits unwanted transmission movement and improves performance. 034 also offers a billet aluminum Transmission Mount Insert that can be used with the upgraded mount to further improve performance. This insert fits into the large void in the factory transmission mount, limiting transmission movement without sacrificing ride quality or increasing NVH.

 - 12/13/2022

Soft99 Brake Dust Cleaner Challenge

Soft99 Brake Dust Cleaner is a product that promises to remove brake dust from wheels. But does it really work? I put this cleaner to the test against the stubborn and excessive brake dust of my Audi S4. My car turns its wheels charcoal gray before it can chew through a tank of E85.

Fuel-It! Bluetooth Flex-Fuel Analyzer

I decided to convert my 2018 Audi S4 (B9) to E85 to boost performance. E85 is a high-octane fuel that can provide significant power gains in turbocharged engines. It is also very inexpensive, cheaper than 93 octane gasoline. The results of my E85 conversion have been impressive with 034 Motorsport's excellent E85 tune. My S4 has shown a big improvement in 1/4 mile runs and I'm down to just 3.46s accelerating 0-60! However, E85 ethanol content must be verified to ensure that your tune can support it. In my case I chose to use the Fuel-It! Flex Fuel analyzer paired with my iPhone.

 - 11/21/2022

Forge Motorsport Turbo Blanket

Your Audi S4 is fast, no doubt about it. But what if you want to make it more efficient and resist damaging, power robbing heat around your turbo? One option is to install a turbo blanket. A turbo blanket helps to prevent heat from escaping from the turbocharger hot side, while keeping the cold side colder. This leads to faster spooling of the turbo and faster access to power and greater efficiency. It can also help to prolong the life of other engine bay components by protecting them from excessive heat generated by the turbo.

 - 10/22/2022

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