034Motorsport SuperDuper Inlet

This thing is absolutely massive and I'm sure flows very well. This inlet mates up perfectly with the P34, S34 and X34 intakes. It works for the B9 and B.95 S4 & S5 as well as the B9/B9.5 SQ5. The support turbos include the TTE710, TTE810, Pure750 and TS2. This huge inlet should flow very well for that big turbo! The installation is pretty straight forward, but may require a few small tools to reach the inlet fasteners.

There are also some tricks to removing the PCV line which I show and I think the order of operations in the video is the most efficient, at least for me, to getting this inlet installed. One thing too is make sure you have silicon or ptfe or other grease that's safe for o-rings, because you will 100% need it to keep the o-rings from falling out and to insert the 66mm adapter ring (for the TTE710/810) without snagging its o-ring too. The sound with the inlet, P34 intake, and the TTE710 on my car is insane. Reminds me a bit of my 6.0 F250 where you just get turbo noise for days.

034Motorsport SuperDuper Inlet - https://bit.ly/superduberb9
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