Wax Testing Results - v2.0

Is an expensive wax really better than a cheap wax from the parts store? Do ceramic coatings really last a long time? How good are modern spray waxes and silica products, do they really beat old school organic carnauba and synthetic polymer waxes? This is the latest and greatest iteration of my testing.

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Last Updated in April of 2024

How do the tests work?

The goal of my testing is to create a standardized methodology for comparing last step products used for paint and clear coat protection. I want to show how a wax, sealant, or coating performs in terms of gloss, slickness, UV protection, durability, ease of application, and looks. I use my experience as a long time detailing enthusiast to give subjective opinions as well as objective data using an array of instruments and testing methodologies. Unlike purely opinion based reviews my goal is to provide high quality comparisons of product performance.

Wax Testing Results:

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