2016 Ford Mustang GT

2016 Ford Mustang GT

Supercharged Track Build

I bought this car new in early 2016 while my other project car (2009 G8 GT) was down due to transmission failure. My goal is to build a NASA AIX Mustang race car I can compete with. In the interim I’m going to have fun with it as a street and track day car while building it. This car is heavily modified with a supercharger, custom fuel system and it runs on race gas. In retrospect I should have bought a body in white and built my own car. However, it would have never been street legal since those bodies do not get a VIN. Ultimately that won't matter, but it is fun to drive it around on occasion. It's such a ridiculous car!

Boost (PSI)


Miles Driven


Tires Ruined


Oil Changes

What are the "Performance Pack" features?

Performance Pack includes some aggressive features to further enhance the S550 GT’s performance! Below is a list of what it came with.

It's certainly not stock!

This car is being transformed aggressively and was supercharged at just over 4,000 miles. I parted with my warranty a while ago, no mod is too extreme to consider! Check out my list of current mods below. Then scroll down to see the build log mile by mile!

Engine Modifications


Drivetrain Modifications


Exhaust Modifications


Suspension Modifications


Aero & Cosmetic Modifications


Lighting & Electric Modifications


Weight Savings Modifications


Wheel & Tire Modifications