2023 Stingray 1LT Z51 Mag Ride

2023 Chevrolet Corvette 1LT

Stock & Fun!

Beautiful 2023 C8 Stingray 1LT Z51 with mag ride in Torch Red. I purchased it with just over 400 miles on the clock and had the craziest car buying experience of my life. Though she's slower than my other two project cars, the foot wide smile I have while driving it makes me happy. I've experienced quite a few exotics that my friends were willing to share. This car feels like that. On the way home I took the longest route and watched the break-in rev limiter disappear.

What happened while buying the car?

I found the C8 at a Mercedes dealer that is just north of an area we call Gunspoint in Houston. As you might imagine there is a reason we call it that, bad things happen around there with some regularity. Everything was normal, we were driving along and just about to head back to the dealership. I was loving the car and really excited to take her home. As we're waiting at the light to turn onto the main road we hear a storm of sirens. Next thing we know a car is barreling along the main road. We realize it's a high speed chase coming our way!

The car being chased is already missing tires and is out of control at the rate of speed it's carrying. He loses it, crosses the median and barrels full speed into oncoming traffic. The cops are right on his tail and we're just hoping to stay out of the way. I'm in reverse looking for a way out, because the obvious was about to happen. Our interloper starts ramming cars out of his way in hopes of escape. Unfortunately a sprinter van has boxed me in and there is no way to go back. Luckily one of the officers was able to ram and disable the vehicle. I'm sure he prevented not only additional property damage, but possibly even saved others from further injuries or worse. The driver was not going to give up. Thinking it's all over we're breathing a sigh of relief and I can tell the young sales man is definitely feeling that adrenaline hard. He told me it was his second month there.

Have to admit, though I've been in sketchy situations before, I was nervous too. As we're ready to find a way out of the pile of cars we realize that things have turned into a foot chase and it's coming directly our way. A desperate carjacking felt like a potential risk. Luckily officers started flanking and redirected the threat towards a Shell station next to us. A few cruisers came inches from hitting the car, but before we knew it things ended in a what must have been at least a 20 man dog pile. We managed to break out of the carnage and get back to the dealership.

We had quite a story to share with everyone there. They heard the commotion, but were a block or two too far to see. Turns out the neighboring county's Sheriffs and local constables had been chasing him for some time. I'm in the process of trying to find anyone with footage and have a few leads, so if this story was entertaining for you I might be able to share a video if I get lucky. We were too concerned with getting out of the way to think about filming.

Are you going to mod it?

I often get the modding bug. I already did a very small customization to add a 2LT visor to the C8. I can't help myself haha. Right now the aftermarket is still in its early stages, but I'm sure will grow as the cars come down in price eventually and more companies break the ECU. There are a few very expensive power adders and lots of appearance mods, but nothing that really draws me today. For now it's staying stock and I'm still lovin' it!