2018 Audi S4

Stage 3 Daily Driver

I really missed my B9 A4 as it was a great car. I thought about what I could do as a daily and thought the B9 S4 would be a great option. I found a very clean one with just 19k miles on the odometer. Unfortunately I was rear-ended soon after and decided to make it a project and take it to a Stage 3 build while continuing to use it as a daily.


Boost (PSI)


Miles Driven


Tires Ruined


Oil Changes

What options did this car come with?

I came across my car at a non-VAG dealer that didn't seem to know anything about the car or any of its options. Funny enough they didn't even know where the factory toolkit was and instead salvaged a toolkit from what was probably an older A4 and threw it in the trunk leaving me with two kits. I imagine they didn't give a great trade-in value to the prior owner. They were selling it as a totally base car, but it was reasonably well optioned.

It's certainly not stock!

This car is being transformed aggressively since it was rear ended by an unlicensed and uninsured driver. While it was initially going to be my daily, I decided to go all out with this build and still enjoy it as my primary car. Have to turn lemons into lemonade sometimes!


Engine & Forced Induction Modifications


Drivetrain Modifications


Exhaust Modifications


Suspension Modifications


Aero & Cosmetic Modifications


Lighting & Electric Modifications


Weight Savings Modifications


Wheel & Tire Modifications