2007 F250 Super Duty Timeline

2007 F250 New Wheels, Speedo Correction & Seat Belt Chime Defeat

The old power joke is now officially known as "King Tut" and today it got a set of new shoes. I stopped by the shop and picked up a set of 2019 F250 wheels with Michelin AT/2 tires. This means they're now 1" over the original size and I need to re-write the "As-Built" data. I'm going to use Ford IDS dealer software to perform the reprogramming work to correct the speedometer.


6.0L Power Stroke Injector Replacement

The problems experienced by my 6.0L Power Joke super duty have escalated and it's time to perform the needed repairs. Before we get started we'll also check out Adam's Polishes Mystery Box and see what kind of goodies I got inside. Then back to the truck I diagnosed a bad #1 cylinder HEUI injector. I'll tear the valve cover off and the oil rail. You'll be able to see what it's like to service this six liter rube goldberg contraption.


Power Stroke or Power Joke? Injector Issues & Testing

I've been having an issue with what I suspect is a sticking injector in my PowerJoke 6.0L turbo diesel V8. This is the engine the 2007 F250 SD. It's giving me a rough idle while warming up. Seems fine while driving, but throws a P0263 Cylinder 1 Injector Circuit Contribution / Balance fault. There is no CEL but the code is there and pending.


2007 F250 Speaker Upgrade

The speakers that came with my aging 2007 F250 were terrible. They just felt like absolute trash with the worst sound quality I've had in a car in years. I decided to get some new Pioneers and mate them up to my head unit. This guide should work for 2003 to 2007 F250 Crew Cab trucks, mine is a 6.0L turbo diesel.

Truck's Repaired! SCT LiveWire TS+ & Tow Mirrors

Today I got my truck back from PSP Diesel of Houston, TX. These guys did a full tune up of my truck repairing many broken things and making it (hopefully) more reliable. The shop was very professional and turned the job around quickly. We did everything down to the shocks. Can't say it was cheap and I hope the decision doesn't come back to bite me.


Steeda Sway Bar, Race Gas Lund Tune & Riced Out F250

This is a video that's all over the place! We will work on my F250 to rice it out with some new LED head lights, tail lights, third brake lights and a cold air intake! Then I show you the new Steeda sway bar as the fix to the pulley damage on my Stage 2 ProCharger kit from where I tried to run the Pedders sway bar. Finally we review my race gas tune on Sunoco 260 GT Plus unleaded 104 for my mustang. Lund did a great job remote tuning this beast!


Got an F250 Super Duty Toy Hauler

Is this going to be the biggest mistake I've ever made? Probably. I just purchased a 2007 F250 Super Duty with the notoriously troublesome 6.0L V8 turbo diesel. The truck seems to be in good condition, but they are known to be a huge dump of money. Today I picked it up and began some maintenance on it. The truck will definitely need a little love.


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