Power Stroke or Power Joke? Injector Issues & Testing

I've been having an issue with what I suspect is a sticking injector in my PowerJoke 6.0L turbo diesel V8. This is the engine the 2007 F250 SD. It's giving me a rough idle while warming up. Seems fine while driving, but throws a P0263 Cylinder 1 Injector Circuit Contribution / Balance fault. There is no CEL but the code is there and pending.

The first test I performed was to crank the engine over by triggering the starter. Then I plugged in my AE tool and used the OBD2 port and laptop to get some diagnostics. I have the Ford Enhanced Bundle licensed with my copy which lets me perform the enhanced Power Train CAN functions.

Using Auto Enginuity I performed the KOEO (Key On Engine Off) test that checks the various systems. This test came back clean. I then moved on to the injector buzz test, which I think also sounded ok. I cranked the engine up and then ran the Power Balance test. I'm told AE is not fully functional on this test compared to the Ford dealer tools. Mine looked ok on a cold engine. I tried to run the KOER (Key On Engine Running) test a few times and then it threw the code for Cylinder 1 again. The balance test then looked rough!

There is clearly an issue with this truck!

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