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INTERVIEW: Chris Gallahar, Adam's Polishes CTO

Chris Gallahar is the CTO of Adam's Polishes and has been working with the company for 7 years. He graduated from Colorado School of Mines with a bachelor's in chemistry with an emphasis on bio-chemistry and minor in economics and business. He's a detail enthusiast and nerdy about car care. As CTO, he leads Adam's technical team and runs Monday morning Show & Tell meetings. He works with the CEO to review new products, testing new formulations, and operates a tester network across the country. Chris is passionate about his work and takes pride in being able to offer high quality car care products to enthusiasts around the world. Adam's Polishes is a leading force in the car care industry.

 - 07/20/2021

Ethos DEFY - Waterless Wash

Today we test out Ethos DEFY, a waterless wash and multi-purpose protectant. We're going to find out what happens when you put it on top of Turtle Wax Seal n Shine and Wolfgang Deep Gloss 3. Will the slickness increase from a waterless wash? Will it look better or worse than the other products on their own? How long will the products last topped with DEFY?

 - 07/01/2021

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