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Got an F250 Super Duty Toy Hauler

Is this going to be the biggest mistake I've ever made? Probably. I just purchased a 2007 F250 Super Duty with the notoriously troublesome 6.0L V8 turbo diesel. The truck seems to be in good condition, but they are known to be a huge dump of money. Today I picked it up and began some maintenance on it. The truck will definitely need a little love.


Supercharged Mustang Pedders Coilovers & Sway Bars

Today I installed the Pedders Coilovers and Sway Bars kit for my 2016 Mustang GT. This kit provides a nice drop and an improvement in performance. As I understand BC makes the actual shocks for Pedders. Both are brands with experience in racing and street performance. I found this to be a moderate to challenging job depending on your experience with mods and working on cars. If you have a well equipped shop this is definitely doable yourself. On jack stands in a small garage or driveway it may be a bit hard to do.

 - 04/17/2018

Mustang APR Chin Splitter & Ford Performance Tow Hook

Today we're going to be installing an APR Carbon Fiber Chin Splitter and a Ford Performance Tow Hook on my 2016 Mustang GT that is ProCharged and being setup for track road racing use. The purpose of the splitter is both cosmetic and aerodynamic. The splitter should help create clean air in front of the car. The tow hook is just a good idea, and yes it connects to the frame of the car. It's not just hanging off the body work like some people assume!

 - 04/02/2018

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