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Audi S4 Engine & Cabin Filter Replacement

The B9 Audi S4 is an easy car to service when it comes to the engine filter. It shouldn't take more than a few minutes to swap yours with hand tools. The carbon air filter on the other hand was a bit of a pain just due to the cramped conditions. Overall give yourself at least 20 minutes for a first time swap of both filters. Once you are familiar with the process you'll be doing both in minutes.

 - 01/17/2022

Your wax isn't blocking UV!

Does wax block UV? Today we re-visit my UV testing methods and see if a new approach to testing tells us more about how waxes block UV light. In our new test I pit Chemical Guys Jet Seal against our new testing gear. I utilize a BPI Perfect Vision UV/Photometer III and a Linshang LS162 Transmission Meter to see how much protection our tested wax provides. I then tested all the products from my prior videos. The uv blocking results may shock you!

 - 01/15/2022

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