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ECS Tuning X-Pipe - Audi B9 S4

I've been looking for some options to spice up my S4 exhaust. There are several X-Pipe / resonator delete kits on the market. Today we test out the ECS Tuning B9 S4 3.0T Center X-Pipe kit. I will show you how to perform the installation and we will compare the sound against a stock exhaust. Will this be a horrible mess of drone or will this be an amazingly cheap way to get sound from your S4?

 - 03/20/2022

034 Motorsport P34 Intake Kit

Today our 2018 Audi S4 gets its first performance modification. We will be installing the 034 Motorsport P34 cold air intake kit and getting rid of the stock air box. The premise is cooler charge air, more noise and better performance. The stock airbox works hard to silence the turbo to the point that it's very hard to hear. With the 034 kit the sound is a huge upgrade. We're able to hear the turbo flutter and spool under idle revs. When driving the turbo spool and whine is excellent under load. It sounds amazing and everyone who rides in the car loves it. We will be doing more modifications to this S4 and performance testing it!

 - 03/06/2022

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