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L&R SweepZone Ultrasonic Cleaner

Today we're going to use my L&R SweepZone 310 non-heated table top ultrasonic cleaner. You can see how incredibly powerful the ultrasonic cavitation cleaning action is. I was able to use the cleaner with some simple green HD to make an old RC car engine look brand new. It just took 60 minutes in the bath.

 - 03/27/2019

Power Stroke or Power Joke? Injector Issues & Testing

I've been having an issue with what I suspect is a sticking injector in my PowerJoke 6.0L turbo diesel V8. This is the engine the 2007 F250 SD. It's giving me a rough idle while warming up. Seems fine while driving, but throws a P0263 Cylinder 1 Injector Circuit Contribution / Balance fault. There is no CEL but the code is there and pending.


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