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Best car shampoo for biggest foam?

Adam's Polishes has three shampoos on the market; Their original Adam's Car Shampoo which is the basic one, Adam's Ultra Foam which is supposed to be a step up for foam guns and cannons, and their new Adam's Mega Foam which is supposed to make the best foam gun and foam lance foam. I've used Adam's Car Shampoo for years and it is what I use in all my wax tests. However, is it the best for making big foam and is it the safest on wax? Is it really pH neutral? We find out in today's testing!

 - 07/10/2020

Perfect Summer Detail - Best Detailing Products

Looking for the ultimate detailing setup? My wash cart is perfect for most auto detailing enthusiasts. If you're going to car shows, meets or want to have a perfectly dialed car over the summer, this video is for you! I will show you how I wash my Procharged Mustang GT project car and daily driven Sierra Denali Ultimate. You will see my top detailing products and learn my top detailing tips, tricks and techniques.

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