Boost Your B9 S4: TTE 710 Hybrid Turbo

Discover the power and performance of the TTE 710 Hybrid Turbo from The Turbo Engineers. Follow my step-by-step DIY installation video for the B9 S4, and learn about the minimal turbo lag, impressive driving manners, and easy installation process. Enhance your driving experience with this incredible upgrade.

I am thrilled to share an install video that provides a concise and definitive step-by-step guide to installing this powerful hybrid turbo into your B9 S4. The TTE 710 Hybrid Turbo installation video has been carefully crafted to provide a comprehensive understanding of the installation process. Despite the challenge of keeping the video under 20 minutes, I have covered all the necessary steps to successfully swap out the stock turbo with the TTE 710.

While the video focuses more on the practical aspects rather than theory, rest assured that you can easily follow along and complete the swap yourself. This installation was performed several months ago, allowing me ample time to drive and evaluate the results. The performance and capabilities of the TTE 710 Hybrid Turbo continue to amaze me.

One of the standout features is the minimal increase in turbo lag. Thanks to its twin-scroll setup, the turbo spools rapidly, providing swift and responsive power delivery. When paired with the 034 Stage 3 ECU and TCU tune, the B9 S4 takes performance to a whole new level, surpassing all expectations. The B9 platform has proven to be a pleasant surprise, surpassing initial expectations.

One common concern with turbo kits and turbo upgrades is turbo lag, particularly for city driving. However, with the TTE 710 Hybrid Turbo, even in heavy traffic situations, there is very little change in lag compared to the stock turbo. The twin-scroll setup ensures excellent performance, allowing the turbo to handle city driving and exploit gaps with ease. As an example, I recently put the TTE 710 to the test during a week of driving in downtown Houston traffic, and it effortlessly handled hustling through traffic.

In addition to the turbo installation, the video also covers the replacement of the upper and lower PCV hoses. The lower PCV hose replacement requires the removal of the turbo, making it a convenient opportunity to swap it out. By addressing these crucial components, you ensure optimal performance and longevity of your B9 S4's turbo system. The installation process may be involved, but it is definitely worth it and manageable.

TTE 710 Turbo -
TTE 810 Turbo -
TTE 4-Bar MAP Sensors -

034 B9/B9.5 Dynamic+ Tuning -
034 SuperDuper Inlet -

Funk B9 Turbo Blanket -
Liqui Moly Pro-Line Additive -
Turbo Manifold Clamp 059253139D -
Turbo to Manifold Gasket 059253232C -
Manifold Exhaust Gasket 06M253039G (2x) -
Turbo to Catalyst Gasket 8W0253115G -
M6x18 Torx Bolt N10196103 (4x) -
M6x12 Torx Bolt N10335206 (4x) -
Turbo Line Green O-Ring WHT007689 (3x) -
Lower PCV Hose 06M103217DD -
S4 Upper PCV Hose 06M129041 -
Thermo-Tec 3' Heat Shield -

Capri Tools Stubby Triple Square Bits -
GEARWRENCH Half Moon Wrench Set -
Sunex 9726 Mini Ratchet & Bits -
VIM Tools Half-Cut Torx Bits -
AEJ Metric Hex/Allen Bit Set -
Low Profile Offset Torx Drivers -
TEKTON 3/8" x 7/8" Offset O2 Socket -
TEKTON Angled Tip Pry Bars -

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