Pops & Bangs | 034Motorsport Downpipe

I'm trying to get the Stage 3 videos out quickly for those following along and maybe working on their own build. Today I released my 034Motorsport Downpipe video which covers the full in-depth install of the catalyst. I'm going to have some audio clips coming soon as the next video will feature the ECS Tuning valved exhaust and sound comparison with the 034 catalyst combination. The install overall is time consuming, but not complicated.

The main issue is accessibility to fasteners. Those with smaller hands and exceptional patience will find it easy! Loosening the connecting pipe supports from the transmission is a great way to give yourself more clearance. My install was a bit easier because I had the turbo off.

034Motorsport Racing Cat - https://bit.ly/034downpipe
TEKTON 3/8" x 7/8" Offset O2 Socket - https://amzn.to/3MHkwV8
TEKTON Angled Tip Pry Bars - https://amzn.to/43x0na8

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

You'll also get a small peek at the resulting pops and bangs. With all my Stage 3 mods the car has gained some serious horsepower. It absolutely rips and the sound of the exhaust is now incredible under full throttle. I'll have a video coming showing the ECS Tuning valved exhausted which will feature a full review of the resulting sound combined with this cat. Make sure to check back in the near future to hear some crystal clear audio of the exhaust!

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