Safely Cleaning Your Engine With Vonixx

Is it safe to clean a car engine? Will it cause any electrical issues or potentially damage the engine? In this video, I will demonstrate a quick, safe, and easy method to wash your engine bay using a pressure washer. By using the appropriate tools and chemicals, you can achieve a sparkling clean results. Additionally, you'll be surprised by the improved appearance of the rubber and plastic components when treated with a ceramic engine coating.

I've collaborated with Vonixx to create a series of instructional videos testing their products against my requirements. In this particular video, we showcased the effectiveness of the Vonixx V-Energy engine coating and Vonixx Impact degreaser. These chemicals surpassed my expectations and performed exceptionally well. I was particularly impressed with the ability of the V-Energy to restore the rubber surfaces under my hood, notably the ProCharger supercharger inlet, which was previously an eyesore!

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