034Motorsport Ignition Coils

Today I installed 034 Motorsport red top high output ignition coils and some fresh OEM NGK spark plugs gapped to 0.022". This setup will help support my Stage 3 build with the TTE710 Turbo. The ignition coils are supposed to provide higher output and aesthetics, and fresh plugs gapped down are a good idea for a hybrid turbo build. If your plugs and coils are getting a bit old, this is also a great option for you, but you don't need to gap the plugs down on a stock turbo.

In the video I accidentally said a 17mm socket is needed, but it's a 14mm. You can find the link below.

034 Motorsport Ignition Coils - https://bit.ly/034redtops
NGK Spark Plugs - https://bit.ly/06M905606F

Make sure to get 6 coils, and the V6 harness spacers from 034. You also need 6 plugs.

Schwaben VAG Coil Puller - https://bit.ly/019535SCH01A
Lisle 14mm Spark Plug Socket - https://bit.ly/lisle63080
AGS Dielectric Boot Crease - https://bit.ly/agsSP-1
Tekton Pick Set - https://amzn.to/3z6Bww0
Palm Ratchet 1/4 Drive - https://amzn.to/3GgHy1h

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