ShineMate EB210 & EX620 Review

I picked up my 2023 Corvette Stingray a few weeks ago of course I had to ceramic coat. For any great ceramic application a paint correction is a must! I chose Adam's Polishes Graphene Ceramic Coating Advanced for this beautiful car. Fortunately our friends at CARZILLA were kind enough to provide me two polishers for this test. The ShineMate EB210 and EX620 were used to compound and polish the paint to a brilliant shine. In this video I will review the two polishers and the ceramic coating.

ShineMate EX620 5" 15mm DA -
ShineMate EB210 Cordless Polisher -
Adam's Graphene Ceramic Advanced -
Meguiar's 205 Ultra Finishing Polish -
Meguiar's 105 Ultra-Cut Compound -
Lake Country CCS Smart Pads 5.5" -

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