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Wolfgang Uber Wheel Cleaner

Wolfgang Uber Wheel Cleaner is a powerful and safe product that quickly removes brake dust, road grime, and other contaminants from your wheels. It is a non-acid, pH-neutral cleaner that uses advanced chemistry to break down and remove contaminants. As a result, it leaves your wheels looking clean and new in just minutes. It is also safe for use on all wheel types, including painted, powder coated, anodized, billet, clear coated, and chrome. Best of all, it is fast acting and powerful enough to remove the most stubborn contaminants. So if you're looking for a wheel cleaner that is safe, fast, and effective, look no further than Wolfgang Uber Wheel Cleaner.

Best Waxes of 2022

These are my favorite coatings, sealants, and waxes for the summer of 2022. Like many of you I’m gearing up for the summer. New projects, car shows, meets and of course getting your ride perfectly detailed.

 - 05/02/2022

Your wax isn't blocking UV!

Does wax block UV? Today we re-visit my UV testing methods and see if a new approach to testing tells us more about how waxes block UV light. In our new test I pit Chemical Guys Jet Seal against our new testing gear. I utilize a BPI Perfect Vision UV/Photometer III and a Linshang LS162 Transmission Meter to see how much protection our tested wax provides. I then tested all the products from my prior videos. The uv blocking results may shock you!

 - 01/15/2022

Ceramic Coating Audi S4 B9

I've picked up a 2018 Audi S4 (B9 chassis) earlier this month. One of the first things I want to do is apply a ceramic coating. In my prior tests Adam's Polishes Graphene Ceramic Coating, the 60 ml liquid vial, was the best performer in virtually all categories. I decided that for my fun new ride I should give it a real world test and see how long it lasts in the wild. Today I'll show you how to clay bar your car, mask it off, polish it, and apply this ceramic coating.

Lithium Trim Cubes: Did I get it all wrong?

In this video I test the three remaining sealed trim cubes and see if I can get a difference in performance. Today I wanted to review a product we already tested. If you saw my last video where I tested several trim products you saw that Lithium Trim Cubes didn't perform very well. They didn't seem to make the panel look much better and they didn't last very long.

 - 11/11/2021

Lithium vs. Adam's vs. Exoforma vs. Renegade

Who makes the better trim dressing? Today we test Adams, Lithium Auto Elixirs, ExoForma, and Renegade to see which does the best job conditioning and improving a test trim panel from my Mustang. Today we're going to test Lithium's claim of protecting from heat with a heat gun and infrared thermometer. We're also going to see which looks best and do a wash durability test on all four products.

 - 10/23/2021

INTERVIEW: Chris Gallahar, Adam's Polishes CTO

Chris Gallahar is the CTO of Adam's Polishes and has been working with the company for 7 years. He graduated from Colorado School of Mines with a bachelor's in chemistry with an emphasis on bio-chemistry and minor in economics and business. He's a detail enthusiast and nerdy about car care. As CTO, he leads Adam's technical team and runs Monday morning Show & Tell meetings. He works with the CEO to review new products, testing new formulations, and operates a tester network across the country. Chris is passionate about his work and takes pride in being able to offer high quality car care products to enthusiasts around the world. Adam's Polishes is a leading force in the car care industry.

 - 07/20/2021

Ethos DEFY - Waterless Wash

Today we test out Ethos DEFY, a waterless wash and multi-purpose protectant. We're going to find out what happens when you put it on top of Turtle Wax Seal n Shine and Wolfgang Deep Gloss 3. Will the slickness increase from a waterless wash? Will it look better or worse than the other products on their own? How long will the products last topped with DEFY?

 - 07/01/2021

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