Achieve Stunning Wheels and Tires with Vonixx

Welcome back to our ongoing detailing miniseries! In today's installment, we're diving deep into the world of Wheel and Tire care, transforming your grimy wheels into dazzling showpieces. Our partners at Vonixx have provided us with a range of exceptional products to make this transformation possible. Say goodbye to brake dust, road grime, and faded tires – it's time to rejuvenate your ride!

Vonixx Delet Tire Cleaner -
Vonixx Izer Iron Remover -
Vonixx Sinergy Wheel Coating -
Vonixx V-Energy Engine Coating -

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SpeedMaster Wheel Brush -
Adam's Wheel Brush -

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Clean Your Rubber with Vonixx Delet

Your rubber tires take a beating from the road, accumulating grime and contaminants over time. Enter Vonixx's Delet – a powerful Rubber and Tire cleaner that cuts through the toughest gunk. Its foaming action effortlessly lifts away deposits, leaving your tires looking like new.

Battle Brake Dust with Vonixx Iron Remover

Brake dust can mar the appearance of even the cleanest wheels. Vonixx's Iron Remover is a formidable ally in the fight against brake dust and iron deposits. Its specialized formula dissolves stubborn contaminants, restoring your wheels' luster. Particularly effective on high-performance brake pads that tend to create excessive dust.

Seal the Deal with Vonixx Synergy Wheel

Cleaning alone isn't enough – you need protection too. Vonixx's Synergy wheel-specific formula acts as a shield against future brake dust accumulation. Applying Synergy at the end of your cleaning routine ensures that your wheels stay cleaner for longer, reducing the need for frequent cleanings.

Elevate Tire Shine with Vonixx V-Energy

Tire shine isn't just about gloss; it's about enhancing the tire's appearance. Vonixx's V-Energy takes tire shine to the next level, offering a concentrated coating that delivers a natural finish. Unlike traditional glossy products, V-Energy creates a clean, refreshed look that lasts.


From tire cleaning to wheel protection, Vonixx's product lineup has everything you need for a complete Wheel and Tire care routine. Remember, a little attention to your wheels and tires can make a significant impact on your vehicle's overall appearance. With Vonixx by your side, achieving a stunning and well-maintained ride has never been easier.

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