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S14 240SX Changing Brake Pads & Fluid

Today I'm going to change out the brake pads and flush/bleed the fluid in my 1996 Nissan 240SX. This is the super low miles (16K) car that I picked up not too long ago. The brakes were feeling a bit weak and wouldn't even really lock up. I used a Motive power bleeder to help speed up the flush and used some fresh pads.

S14 240SX Transmission Fluid Change

Today we're going to change the transmission oil in my 1996 Nissan 240SX SE with the five speed manual transmission. This is a really simple job. Anyone can swap S14 or S13 transmission fluid on jack stands or with a lift and just a few basic tools and a pump.

S14 240SX Oil Change

Today I performed the first oil change on my recently purchased 1996 Nissan 240SX. This is the one with just 16k miles on it, not sure how many oil changes its ever had. The filter selection was OEM and for oil I went with some nice Mobil 1 10w30. It's a super easy job that anyone could do in the drive way or on jack stands. Very very easy!

Turbo E36 M3 Cooling System Rebuild

My friend Sean's M3 also needed a little love when it comes to the cooling system. Sean wants to pick the car up and take it home. Our plan was to replace the radiator with a Mishimoto Z3M three core unit and a Spal 16" fan. However we ran into a few quirks. We also replaced the thermostat and thermostat housing. We upgraded the water pump to a Stewart high flow unit to improve performance. We also used some new billet radiator stays and a European radiator cover. To cap things off we threw in a Radium Engineering billet expansion tank.

 - 11/24/2018

BMW M3 E36 - Brake Rebuild

As you might recall my friend Sean dropped off his E36 M3 at my house the other day. We spent some time getting his brakes rebuilt which was a pretty significant project. He got them powder coated and they look absolutely amazing.

 - 10/30/2018

S14 240SX Valve Cover Gasket Replacement

As we saw in my prior 240SX video, the valve cover gasket is leaking on the 1996 16k mile 240SX that I picked up recently. This is not a big problem and an easy one to DIY fix yourself in the garage. It takes just a little patience and effort. These gaskets tend to fail from age and miles. I also show off my ultrasonic cleaner.


Cleanest 240SX S14 Revealed

Today I got a new-to-me 1996 Nissan 240SX from Bring A Trailer. The car has a mere 16K miles indicated and is a largely clean example. I'm not sure what I want to do with it yet. As it sits it is bone stock, 5-lug, 5-speed manual and is an SE trim spec. The leather and everything about it smells and screams 1990s. Amazing experience that is definitely once in a lifetime for someone who was still a kid back in the mid 90s.


Trackspec Motorsports Heat Extractor Louvers

My supercharge mustang generates a LOT of heat under the hood. It's time to let this thing breathe by allowing clean air to pass through the radiator, reducing coolant temperatures, and flowing out of the hood relieving some of the built up heat! The difference is pretty huge and the install is quite easy. I think anyone could do this themselves if you're careful.

 - 05/27/2018

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