Mustang AEM Boost & Fuel Pressure Gauges

Today I'm going to show you how to install AEM boost and fuel pressure gauges into a 2016 Mustang GT. My Mustang is supercharged and the extra gauges are a diagnostic must on the street when you have a temperamental highly modified car.

This project actually started when I was installing the fore innovations fuel system last year. I pre-ran wiring through the firewall for a boost gauge and fuel pressure gauge. Sending units were also installed at that time for these gauges and connected. Here is that video:

Finally I had a chance to finish the wiring and install these gauges into my a-pillar gauge pods.

I was able to find a pretty good place to tap 12V switched power. It is the harness right behind the a-pillar cover. The same switched power is also available via the rear view mirror harness for a radar detector or dash cam. Here are some of the tools and parts I used in this video:

AEM 30-4406 Boost Gauge -
AEM 30-0301 X-Series Pressure Gauge -
Auto Meter 12136 A-Pillar Gauge Mount -
Proster Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter -

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