Bought a new car, 2016 Mustang GT!

I picked my Mustang up in February of 2016. A brand-new ’16 Oxford White Mustang in GT PP trim. My plan is to race this car so I skipped on the luxury features such as navigation and premium audio, but went for every performance option. On my way home I had a lot of fun.


Mile 89: New Exhaust!

I ordered an aftermarket exhaust the same day I bought the car. I already had plans for what to do with it before I pulled the trigger. I’m a spreadsheet junkie! Being a huge Corsa Performance fanboy I decided to buy their Xtreme 3″ cat-back. I was not at all disappointed. The kit arrived with the perfect packaging and build quality you would expect from Corsa. I started the install as soon as I got home from the office!


Installing the kit was mostly painless. I did it on jack stands and ramps right in my garage. Only a few steps were difficult. Removing my Mustang’s stock exhaust from the hangers was annoying, couldn’t get much leverage. It was not immediately clear that the factory header clamps would be reused to connect to the new mid-pipe. I mangled one and had to fix it when installing. I also failed to get it aligned well. It was just too hard without a lift to heat up and bend the hangers to move the mufflers and line up the tips with the bumper. I took my car to my favorite muffler shop, Affordable Mufflers. Their site is very early 90s, but they’re good! Had them straighten my mufflers. Took all of two minutes for them to do the job.

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