ProCharger Bypass Valve Sound

I shot a quick video of what the bypass valve sounds like on my 2016 Mustang GT. This puppy is supercharged with the ProCharger Stage 2 kit. This audio was a blend of a mic on the intake and a mic inside the car. This represents a lot of what it sounds like revving on the ground at a light.

Before showing you video of the ProCharger setup we do a little light off-roading on the beach and make fun of people in 2WD trucks getting stuck. I also give a little vlog update on what's going on around the garage. We talk about welders and some gear I got from a neighbor that moved.

ProCharged Mustang Bypass Valve Sound

I took it pretty easy, it's a little chilly out and you can see at 7:54 how easy it is to loose traction. I share some updates from my garage build as well as the new wireless lavalier mic setup I purchased from Audio Technica.

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