Taking TIG welding classes!

I’ve wanted to learn TIG welding for a long time. I’ve never had the space to do it. However, the new house I got has 230V right in the garage and more space than I can currently use. TXRX Labs (https://txrxlabs.org/) offers an excellent two day class that shows you the very basics of setting up your power supply for TIG tacking and welding. It’s about 6 hours in total. Not enough time to learn TIG but enough to make a few welds and learn enough to practice on your own.

I went with three of my friends; We worked in pairs and I partnered up with my buddy Sean who’s in this video. We still suck but we’re all excited to get our own welders and learn more. I just ordered a TIG/Stick power supply and will be reviewing that later on. I’m very excited to finish learning TIG at home. I think Sean is picking one up soon and my other friends a bit later since they have a MIG they’re still learning.


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