My new AHP AlphaTIG 200X 2017 Welder

Since I started learning TIG welding I decided to get my own setup at home. I have the garage space now so I pulled the trigger on an AHP AlphaTIG 200X from Amazon. It was sold by the AHP company and they shipped it within a week. I took a quick video of the welder that you can see on the YouTube channel.

So far I really like this welder. It can run on 110-240V single phase circuits. My home has a circuit labeled 220V with a NEMA 6-50 receptacle, but the multimeter shows 240V which is even better. The unit itself goes up to 200A and has a 60% duty cycle which is equivalent to pretty expensive American units. The AlphaTIG is easy to use and I’m going to spend the weekend practicing. I’m not very good yet having only spent a few days welding. Hopefully within the next year I develop some muscle memory.

Here are the items I purchased for my home setup:

AHP AlphaTIG 200X 2018 EditionChinese, but seems well made. Many say go American only, but there are many great reviews and inverters aren't rocket science.
MAG-MATE Weld Torch HolderMagnetic holder for your TIG torch. Works great and is super convenient.
3M 6391 P100 Gas Mask3M Respirator Mask to protect your lungs and airways during certain types of welding and shop activities.
Lincoln Flame-Resistant SleevesThese are handy in case there is any splatter and for me they keep me from occasional shocks to the sweaty forearms from the torch.
Antra Auto Darkening Welding MaskThis welding mask seems to work pretty well. I don't really use the grinding feature, because safety glasses are easier for that.
Rupse TIG Kit Gas Lens KitDecent consumables kit for the TIG torch. Sets you up with all the normal stuff most people will use.
TIG Finger Heat ShieldThese are designed to keep your fingers cool while you TIG.
Men's Tigster Flame Resistant Welding GlovesI like these welding gloves, they're comfy for TIG work. The XXL gloves are actually real big, unlike most brands.
Miller Metal Gauge ToolNeat tool for figuring out the gauge of steel and consumables. I'm not good enough to eyeball it yet.
80 cu. ft. Argon TankPurchased from Professional Welding Supply of Houston. Small and light enough for transport and plenty big for home use.
Mild Steel RodsFor filling my TIG welds. Got a few sizes.
Adjustable Welding TableThis table is really not too bad, I thought it would be crappy.

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