Project: Dream Garage Part 1 & Part 2

Ever since I bought the house I’ve wanted to remodel my garage. I didn’t like the back storage rooms the prior owner put in, they took away a lot from the floor space. I also hated the paint job, lighting and generally poor way in which the space was finished. There wasn’t sheet rock over most of the ceiling and no insulation!

I hired some guys from Tool Time Home Improvement in Houston, Jesus and Jonathan. The guys have been doing a fantastic job around the house. They painted several rooms and are now finishing the garage. At this time we have full insulation, sheetrock, most of the paint done, a new door, and we have installed an awesome ductless minisplit airconditioner. The AC unit I picked is the MRCOOL DIY Generation 2 24,000 BTU (2 Refrigeration Ton) unit. This AC has been absolutely amazing with the new insulation. Keeps the garage ice cold, I was able to get it into the mid 60s the other day!

The install for the AC is actually really easy too. The DIY unit comes with pre-evacuated lines which are quick connect. This way you do not have to hire an HVAC tech to come pull a vacuum and seal the unit. No soldering either! It’s a little more money than a non-DIY unit from another company, but I think the savings from not hiring HVAC techs easily outweighs it. You will need an electrician if you do not know how to wire up a 240V dual pole breaker and drop a circuit out to where you are installing the AC. I also recommend a disconnect box like we used. I believe it’s a code requirement.

Soon we will be done with the paint, trim and small finishing work. The garage attic will get a thermostat driven vent and I will plant bushes around the new AC unit behind the garage. This will make it more aesthetically pleasing and keep the sun off the heat pump! Next we will be receiving Sabre cabinets, Costco storage shelves, and picking out flooring options.

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