Project: Dream Garage Part 3

The first phase of my garage build is over. The guys from Tool Time Home Improvement got done with the sheetrock, lighting, AC, etc… Everything came out pretty great with just some minor touch up left. Now I’m working on all the big ticket items and final touches including flooring, 2-post lift, tool chests, cabinets, etc…

Here is the video of the latest progress:

For cabinets I’ve been pretty set on Saber, because the features and pricing seem really good. In my 3D model I went for black cabinets with a stainless counter top and that’s what I ended up ordering. Here is what I ordered from Saber:.

  • 2x Single Drawer Base Cabinets (Black)
  • 1x Triple Stainless Steel Work Top
  • 1x Wide Storage Cabinet (Black)

This all together was around $1,400-ish plus shipping (TBD). It’s a little extravagant for a few cabinets, but I really fell in love with them. The main goal with these is to have a workbench with some drawers and a big storage cabinets for detailing stuff that should be store debris-free. The main tools will all go into my big new toolbox.

The toolbox I got was a Milwaukee 48-22-8546 which is a 46″ box with a top and bottom pair of chests that features 18 drawers. It’s a pretty sweet chest and I love how smoothly the drawers close themselves. It’s an upgraded version of this toolbox (16-drawer), I guess Amazon doesn’t have this new model yet:

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