Installing Fore Innovations Fuel System 2016 Mustang GT

In my quest for performance I’ve had to deal with the limited fueling capacity of the stock 2016 Mustang GT return-less fuel system. This meant I was running the JMS BAP (Boost-A-Pump) voltage booster to get more out of what Ford gave us. Unfortunately I do not trust this kind of setup, there is some precedent for catastrophic failures, not to mention performance limitations for the future. I decided it was time to purchase and install a traditional return style fuel system and picked Fore Innovations for their reputation and how high quality all the components appeared. Here is what I ordered from Hypermotive:

  • Fore Innovations 2011-2016 Mustang GT L2 Fuel System (Dual Pump)
  • Fore Innovations Coyote Fuel Rails
  • Fore Innovations Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • Fore Innovations FC2 Controller With 6 Gauge Wiring
  • 2x TI Auto F90000267 Fuel Pumps
  • Startlite -8 Feed / Return Fuel Lines
  • Cellulose Filtration Media
  • 0-100psi Fuel Pressure Gauge


When my package landed I was definitely impressed with the quality. The machine work is impeccable and everything seems well thought through. One thing to note is that there aren’t really any overall instructions, but instead a packet with manuals for each component. This is because these systems are considered custom and are expected to be tailored to each application. I figure many people will have a very similar application to mine so I shot a video for my YouTube channel below.

Before attempting your own DIY installation remember that fuel systems like other serious modifications are not for those unfamiliar with the technology and especially not for those unwilling to take risk. It’s not like throwing in a performance air filter. There can be serious damage, fire and loss of property if it goes wrong. If you’re not sure you can do it there are lots of professional performance shops that can handle this task.

The install overall could be done in a weekend if you have all the stuff you need. However I found that to do a proper job I needed lots of little tools. Here are all the things I bought on Amazon and I’d recommend you get too. Clicking the links below helps me out as they’re my Amazon affiliate links and I get a portion of the sales at no added cost to you:

The only downside to the kit as I configured it is the Startlite fuel hose. It seems to really stink. I thought I had a fuel leak at first, but the fittings were all dry and didn’t smell. Then I smelled the middle of one of the long fuel lines and it reeks of gas. This is how I found out the hard way that Startlite is a permeable hose and will slowly give off fumes. The sales person at Hypermotive that sold me the kit did mention this possibility, but it sounded like a future problem as the hose degraded. Unfortunately that’s not the case and it smelled immediately. I’m going to switch to PTFE hose in the future which is a lot harder to install, which is the big advantage of Startlite hose despite the fumes. The Startlite hose was really easy to install and I can understand why some may pick it. Especially if their environment isn’t as sterile as mine.

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