Trackspec Motorsports Heat Extractor Louvers

My supercharge mustang generates a LOT of heat under the hood. It's time to let this thing breathe by allowing clean air to pass through the radiator, reducing coolant temperatures, and flowing out of the hood relieving some of the built up heat! The difference is pretty huge and the install is quite easy. I think anyone could do this themselves if you're careful.

Once installed it seems to have done the job. I noticed the hood stopped buffeting (vibrating around) at speed after installation. A significant amount of air must be coming into the radiator and out of the vents and pushing onto the hood. This has stopped the oscillation. Furthermore I was monitoring my head temps (which are inferred by the computer) and they would stay between 205F and 210F. You always want to stay within a nice optimal temperature. Too cold is bad and so is too hot; i.e. 190F and below is way too cold and 230F+ is too hot. So at 210 you're in the sweet spot of engine performance.

You can buy these louvers from Trackspec directly. I'm not an affiliate.

My friend Sean also came over and dropped off his Turbo E36 M3 so we could start to work on it. He wants to go big turbo and make that thing an absolute beast.

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