Ranger Car Dollies Review RCD-1500EX

Today I review and show you how to use Ranger RCD-1500EX Extended Car Dollies. BendPak, the parent company of Ranger, was kind enough to hook me up with a set of these dollies. I've wanted dollies for a while and I'm very excited to finally have them.


I got these dollies fully assembled right out of the box. The specs are impressive; Up to 1,500 lbs per dolly, with a tire width of 13" and a 39" diameter. That's an impressive range of sizes, and fits my Mustang's ultra wide Toyo R888 305/35R18s well. There is a smaller unit available for a more average range of tires. These dollies come in sets of two or four.

There is also a stand available for these dollies. The Ranger RCD-1500 Stand will store up to four dollies and roll around the shop with you. The assembly was super easy. It's worth getting the cart unless you have another storage solution planned out.

Hope you guys are enjoying this tool review format. I have a few more in the pipeline.

In this video:

Model: RCD-1500EX, SKU: 5150191, GoCart Dollies
Model: RCD-1500 Stand, SKU: 5150600

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