GMC Sierra Scratched Tail Light Fix!

A few weekends ago I scratched up my truck's tail light hauling tree branches. Today I show you how to fix scratches and scuffs on tail lights with minimal effort. A scuffed brake light is a lot easier to restore than foggy headlights due to the robust plastic that isn't scared of UV. With the right tools it's truly one of simplest DIY jobs for a detailing enthusiast!

Some of the products used in this video include:

Flex XC3401VGR Polisher -
Adam's Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating -
Adam's Correcting Polishes -
Adam's Detail Spray -
Adam's Clay Bar Kit -
Rag Company 16x24 Eagle Edgeless Towels -
Rag Company 16x27 320 GSM Towels -
Chemical Guys Hex-Logic Pad Kit -

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