VADpro VAD28 - The best B9 Audi gauge!

The VADpro VAD28 device powered by CANchecked which has arrived in the North American market. This device offers support for up to 64 vehicle sensors that can be displayed in real time. The display is incredibly customizable and can be configured with custom screens, alerting and widgets. There is also an easy to access data logging facility which stores log files on the internal SD card. The data logs can be viewed over the USB plug with a laptop and the included Display Setup Software (DSS).

VADpro VAD28 Device -

This slick device is also capable of diagnostics such as scanning and erasing codes. You can also expand the device with 4 analog and 2 digital sensor inputs. In our case we will be testing it out with a digital flex fuel sensor. Best of all the device is effectively plug and play with only minor trimming required that does NOT affect returning the vehicle to stock for resale.

Overall I found the device incredibly powerful and I'm very excited to use it with my Stage 3 hybrid turbo build. As you modify your car and start making more power access to data is incredibly important. This is especially true when running flex fuels and flex fuel blends. I'm also very happy with the finished install and its look and feel.

The best flex fuel sensor I've tested so far is:

ACDelco 13577429 GM/Continental Flex Fuel Sensor:

This is the install video for the sensor on the B9 S4 platform:

Supporting tools and materials you might need for the install:

Boost Monkey Flex Fuel Pigtail -
Sunex 9726 Mini Ratchet & Bits -
TEKTON 1/4" Ratchet & Bits -
TEKTON Pick & Hook Set -
Weller D550PK Soldering Gun -
Rosin Core Lead Free Solder -
Irwin Vise-Grip Wire Stripper -
20AWG 6-Core Oxygen Free Copper Wire -
1K Ohm Resistors -
Molex Female Micro-Fit 3.0 Terminals -
iCrimp SN-2549 Ratcheting Crimper -
Molex 11-03-0043 Extraction Tool (Optional) -
Black & Decker Heat Gun -
Heat Shrink Tubing Kit -
Trim Removal Tool -
6" Spudger -
Wire Loom 1/4" 50ft -
Diagnoal Cutting Pliers -
Flat Medium Cut File -
Velcro 1" x 30ft Roll -
Electrical Tape -

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