034Motorsport Rear Diff & Subframe Inserts

Whether you're experiencing wheel hop issues or aiming for better launches, learn how these rear differential and rear subframe mount inserts can offer a solution for wheel hop issues, better launches and overall handling. Maximize your driving experience on the B9 or B9.5 chassis. These inserts support the A4, A5, S4, S5, RS5 and Allroad models!

The addition of 034Motorsport rear diff and rear subframe inserts to my vehicle has undoubtedly improved its performance and handling capabilities. While initially concerned about potential NVH, I was pleasantly surprised by the minimal impact on noise and vibrations. Whether you're tracking your car, drag racing, eliminating wheel hop, or seeking improved handling, these two simple modifications are a common way to improve performance.

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In my opinion, the most efficient and cost-effective approach is to perform both mods together in a single installation. This allows you to purchase one set of new fasteners and complete the entire process in one day. It is crucial, however, to avoid loosening the entire subframe to avoid affecting the car's alignment.

I started with the front-facing inserts, ensuring they were torqued to spec once swapped. Next, I moved on to the rear inserts. I carefully lowered the rear of the subframe and replaced both rear-facing inserts, leaving the new fasteners slightly loose. Then, I proceeded to lower the differential in order to install the corresponding inserts and new bolts. Finally, I reassembled all the components and secured everything in place.

It is worth noting that the video demonstrates the installation of a new sway bar, which will be the subject of a separate video in the near future.

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