Debunking Ceramic Coating Myths

Since I started testing detailing products, I've encountered numerous myths, rumors, and outright lies about how they work. Whether you swear by a product or are just curious about the hype, let's dive into the reality behind these popular claims.

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Myth #1 - Coatings Are Hard To Install

Contrary to popular belief, most ceramic coatings aren't difficult to install, but they do require meticulous prep work. This includes washing, decontamination, and most critically, paint correction. Even new cars need this prep. The prep work is really what consumes time and requires more skill.

Myth #2 - Coatings Are Diamond Hard

The idea that ceramic coatings are as hard as diamonds or glass is a significant misconception. Most coatings are rated on a pencil hardness scale, not the Mohs hardness scale, likening them more to the hardness of a fingernail. While they provide a sacrificial layer, they are too thin to prevent rock chips and only offer minimal protection against scratches and swirls.

Myth #3 - You Don't Have To Wash Your Car

Many believe that once coated, a car doesn't need washing. The truth is, while dirt may stick less, coated cars still get dirty.

Watch the video to learn the other 7 myths!

In debunking these myths, it's clear that ceramic coatings have their place in car maintenance but are not the end-all-be-all solution they're often made out to be. They offer certain benefits, but come with limitations and require understanding and proper care to be effective. Whether you're a detailing enthusiast or just looking for the best way to protect your ride, always do your research and understand what you're applying to your vehicle. Remember, the most beautiful cars are not just coated; they are well-maintained and loved.

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