Finding the Ultimate Glass Protection

We dive into the world of glass sealants to test and compare four different products, all claiming to offer protection for your car's glass. We examine the Gyeon Quick View, Gyeon Q2 View, Carpro Clarity, and Bola Solution G37. Let's find out which one lives up to its claims and which falls short.

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Our first contender is the Gyeon Quick View, known for its ease of use and self-contained applicator. Its big brother, the Gyeon Q2 View, a more robust coating option, also steps into the ring. Carpro's Clarity, a dual-action glass cleaner and protector, and Bola Solution G37, a lesser-known brand with a two-in-one product, complete our lineup. Each product brings its unique features to the table, setting the stage for an interesting comparison.

Preparation is key for any sealant application. We used Adam's Glass Cleaner, a clay bar pad, and isopropyl alcohol for a thorough windshield cleaning on my Audi. Each product required a different application method, from simple wiping to more involved processes with multiple coats.

Vonixx Clay Block -

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After allowing 24 hours for curing, we tested each product's water repellency. The Gyeon Quick View showed impressive beading, and its sibling, the Gyeon coating, displayed a strong hydrophobic effect. The Carpro product also performed well initially, but the Bola G37 struggled to make a noticeable difference. We further tested these products under simulated rain conditions to assess their durability against continuous wiping and water exposure.

After extended testing, the Gyeon products maintained their effectiveness. The Carpro Clarity's protection started to diminish, revealing its limitations as a long-term sealant. The Bola G37's performance remained unconvincing, questioning its efficacy as a glass coating. Our tests highlighted the importance of considering application ease, longevity, and performance when choosing a glass sealant.

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